Friday, September 27, 2013


This is a sentence I have been hearing right from child birth, till now and I believe it actually pays to be good. And that saying also goes with"one good deed, deserves another". Now you guys might be wondering why am saying all this. Yesterday thursday 26 of september 2013, happened to be a day I watched a particular yoruba movie(not disclosing title) where a man didn't have money to pay his bike fair, and along the way, after much arguments between the man and the bike man, a good poor samaritan came and paid the bike man in full. Later that night, the good samaritan woke up in a strange place, and found that man there, the man saying he summoned him there, and was saying thanks, and for his good deed, he would help him make money. Now making that money had to involve killing of humans(which is bad nd evil) and eventually nemesis caught up with the good samaritan, and he died!........ Now I ask, if that man hadn't helped, he won't have had that quick evil way to riches, and he won't have had any reasons to kill, and he would probably be alive still, is it that his good deed brought him I'll luck? Cos truly, I don't know what that movie was trying to teach. PLS DOBers, if you know the meaning of the movie, kindly enlighten us. #lool